Meet The Baker: Mallabakes

In this week’s Meet The Baker, we speak to Amy Mallabar, the owner of Mallabakes. Based in Thurrock, all bakes are lovingly made in Amy’s kitchen, with a range of blondies, brownies, cookies and so much more!  She started her journey back in May 2020 whilst on furlough and re-evaluating what she wanted from life. After sending baked goods to loved ones via the post for a few months, it made Amy realise that this could be a full time venture. So from then onwards, she has been getting creative in the kitchen with flavours and styles.



Tell us a bit about yourself and Mallabakes
I run Mallabakes part time alongside my full time job for almost two years now. I would say that I’m a baker of smaller bakes and love to experiment with new brownie and cookie flavours, but I also love personalising them too! I would love my dream of being a fulltime baker to become a reality and I work all hours to make this happen.


What is it that you love about baking?
Baking really speaks to my heart and allows me to be more creative than any other job that I’ve done. Some people find it stressful, but for me it’s an outlet and a way to express myself through deliciousness!


Is there a piece of baking equipment that you couldn’t live without?
I really couldn’t live without my Kitchen Aid, we’ve been through a lot together including a pandemic! It truly has become an essential part of my business, I wouldn’t be able to make lots of orders without it.


What’s your favourite bake you’ve ever made?
I don’t really think I have just one favourite bake, but every time I create a new style of personalised brownie slab, it immediately becomes the new favourite.


What do you love about On The Cake Stand?
On The Cake Stand has really brought us talented bakers together on one platform! Bakers can get really lost on social media, it’s great that customers can search exactly what they want all on one website! I’ve been opened up to so many new customers since signing up.


Click here to order from the wonderful Mallabakes