Meet The Baker : Nikki’s Bakery

We spoke to one of our wonderful independent bakers, Nikki from Nikki’s Bakery to find out a little more about her cake business! Like many bakers, Nikki juggles her cake making with a full time job, to bake incredible creations for her customers. At On The Cake Stand we believe that you’re not just getting a cake, you’re getting a whole experience – each baker is unique and brings their own style, talent and personality to the table! Finding bespoke bakes has never been so easy, so when you’re looking for a cake, think local.


Tell us a little more about Nikki’s Bakery and how it all started:

Nikki’s Bakery is my hobby turned into apart time business. As an accountant by day, I love to bring out my creative energy at night through baking up all different desserts. Nikki’s Bakery started officially in May 2020 during COVID providing postal goodies to everyone and now I’m blessed enough to be baking wedding cakes for celebrations.



How did you get into it, and what is it about baking and cake decorating that you love? 

I have the biggest sweet tooth and it was only fair to share my delicious goodies with everyone else instead of eating them myself (haha!). Jokes aside I love it because of the enjoyment it not only brings myself, but customers. Never did I think that a cake could bring a simple smile to someone’s face, or excitement to their day and the most rewarding thing is knowing your customers love and value the cake you’ve made.


Is there any piece of baking equipment that you couldn’t live without?

I couldn’t live without my scrapers. Those scrapers are key to smooth cakes and you’d be super surprised all the different effects and outcomes they can produce.


What is your favourite cake that you’ve made to date, and why?

My favourite cake to date has to be this wedding cake I made on the weekend. Each time I make a cake, I think of new ways to challenge myself and improve my skills and this cake was just that. 3 real tiers of delicious cookies and cream sponge finished with cake textures that I absolutely adore such as stencilling, texture and florals. This was also super special as the bride gave me free reign and it goes to show when you put your love into it, what you can achieve.



And finally, what do you love about being a member of On The Cake Stand?

On The Cake Stand is such an amazing platform for connecting bakers and customers. As a small business it can be daunting going about increasing your customer market and On The Cake Stand is an amazing way to do this. Not only does it provide you with a customer base but it allows bakers to connect with other bakers which means community over competition.


Nikki’s Bakery is based in West London, to enquire about her amazing cakes, click here!