The Cakes of Bridgerton

Dearest Reader,

Whilst many of you were distracted by the scandals and affairs taking place across the Ton, here at On The Cake Stand we were obsessing over the large array of beautiful cakes on display in the latest season of Bridgerton.

Indeed, Madame Delacroix has worked her magic to ensure everybody is dressed to the nine, however we couldn’t help by speculate if our incredibly talented bakers at On The Cake Stand had indeed provided a source of inspiration? The intrigue!

First up we have Miss Kate Sharma, our leading lady and one of the new girls on the block. She’s ruffling feathers to say the least! She wears a lot of purple, and many of her outfits, along with her sister Edwina’s, have been inspired by her Indian heritage. We think this stunning creation by KeepItCake suits her beautifully.


Now, Lady Whistledown herself (or should we say, Whisk-ledown?!) needs nothing short of a showstopper. With her bright yellow dresses and feathery hairpieces, we think this beauty by Crumble and Velvet is just the part. Perfectly served with a rather large cup of tea, for there is much gossip to be made!


We may not have seen much of Daphne this season (or any of the Duke, sigh) but her elegance shone through nonetheless. She is now a Duchess after all, now that she’s married, so this three tiered wedding cake from The Willow Tree Bakery is a match made in heaven.


There are few as ambitious and determined as Lady Portia, and she definitely stunned us this season with her bright floral gowns. We think this stunner by Nikki’s Bakery would look right at home in the Featherington household.



For the Queen herself, more is definitely more, which is why we’ve gone for this showstopper by Bridie’s Cakes. Bridie’s signature ruffle designs would not look out of place in any of the Bridgerton scenes, but this cake really does get the royal seal of approval.


We really enjoyed getting to know Lady Violet more this season, and she wowed us with her elegance, both in style and how she has handled her family’s drama! This floral beauty by Crumble and Cake has Lady Violet written all over it.


The diamond of the season really does shine, much like this cake. Another one of Bridie’s Cakes beauties, this time with sparkly details and bows to boot.


Eloise is a favourite over at OTCS headquarters. She’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, and for that we think she deserves the world (and a really great cake). This ruffley number by Laura Ann’s Cakery is twinning perfectly with our favourite Bridgerton.


Lady Danbury runs this town, and there’s very little that gets past her. A lioness at heart, she is also full of wisdom and grace, so we’ve paired her up with this beautiful cake by Joelle Jacobs. She really rocks that tiara.


After a third season storming the marriage mart, some might consider Prudence to be ‘on the shelf’, however not with this incredible cake by Baked By Alice!



And last but not least we have Marina Thompson. The scandals of last season may still linger, but there is a simple elegance about her which we love.


Head over to have a look at our bakers to place your orders, quick, you must make haste!


Yours truly,

Lady Whisk-ledown