The Rise of the Independent Baker

Cake really can change lives. A little dramatic, I hear you ask? Well, just a few years ago we had banana bread coming out of our ears, and you needed a specialist set of detective skills if you had any chance of tracking down a bag of flour. The baking boom that emerged during lockdown took the UK by storm. It provided an ounce of distraction from the chaos of the world outside, a sense of accomplishment when you were stuck for something to do, and something to keep the kids occupied. For some however, baking turned into something a little more.

The already steep rise of small baking businesses was given an even bigger boost by lockdown, with many on furlough filling their extra time pursuing their passions, and branching out into the world of cake making and decorating. A recent report by small business insurer Simply Business revealed a 157% rise in home baking policies from 2019 to 2020, an indicator that cakes really do mean serious business. Here in the UK, we spend over £386 million a year on cakes. That’s a lot of cake…

Intricate details by On The Cake Stand baker, Bridie’s Cakes

But why are we so excited about more and more cake makers taking the jump and turning a hobby into a side hustle, or even a full time job? You only have to look on Instagram to see the absolutely incredible, jaw dropping, and quite frankly ridiculous talent out there. These aren’t just bakers we’re talking about, these people are artists. The only difference is that you eat these masterpieces, rather than hang them on a wall. The new designs, trends, and techniques that are emerging and developing at a rapid rate are a joy to see, and we want to shout about it from the rooftops!

Sure, we all love a Colin the Caterpillar (or Cuthbert…) but the real reason we want people to buy a cake from a local baker is simple. They are just so. much. better. Fresher ingredients, unique recipes perfected over time, and the ability to have any flavour, style or design that you want. Our bakers and cake artists can turn your wildest cake dreams into an edible masterpiece. Yes, they are a little bit pricier, but you get what you pay for.

Once you’ve factored in the cost of ingredients, operating costs, the hours that go into designing and making the intricate details, sourcing equipment, packaging, cake toppers and accessories, not to mention the time taken to practice and refine their craft, you’ve got a pretty great deal!

Work of edible art by On The Cake Stand baker, KeepItCake

Like for all artists, the joy is in the creativity, and no two cakes are the same. If in doubt, ask a baker about a design, and you’ll be amazed what they come up with. A cake maker who is passionate about their craft will always go the extra mile.

Here at On The Cake Stand we are on a mission to make it easier to find the bake of your dreams. With thousands of independent bakers in the UK, there really needs to be a better way to find the ones that are close to you. That’s where we come in! We believe that a great cake can indeed be life changing. Has your day ever not been improved by cake? We doubt it…

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