Welcome To On The Cake Stand

Hello and Welcome!

We’re very excited to finally announce the launch of On The Cake Stand. It’s been in the making for well over a year and to think it’s finally here is a little surreal.

If like us, you’re a cake fanatic (and let’s face it you’re currently reading a blog post about cake on a cake website so we’ll take our chances and say that you are), then we hope this will be a corner of the internet that you’ll visit often. We hope to build a community of talented bakers, helping connect customers to local businesses so that finding bespoke and unique bakes, is quite literally, a piece of cake.

  How it started

On The Cake Stand was founded by Bake Off 2019 Finalist, Alice Fevronia. Always the baker amongst her family and friends, lockdown meant she was unable to deliver cakes to her loved ones, and you can’t pop a cake in the post! A birthday is simply not a birthday without cake, and with her Grandad’s birthday fast approaching, she set about finding other baker that could deliver it instead. It was a lot harder than she thought it should be. Search engines don’t favour small businesses, and she wanted something special and personalised rather than a mass produced cake that could be ordered with the click of a button. After speaking to a lot of people that also valued the importance of a good cake, she realised that this was something that a lot of people struggled with. It became apparent there had to be a better way to browse local cake and bakery businesses! Hence, On The Cake Stand was born.


Alice Fevronia, Founder of On The Cake Stand(Alice Fevronia, Founder of On The Cake Stand) – big lover of cake and baking!


It's just cake though, right?

Well, yes, it is just cake, but we’re pretty passionate about the fact an amazing cake can be really special. They’re the centrepiece of the party that people gather around to take the photo that you’ll look back on for years to come. Children make wishes over them and newly-weds cut them together to symbolise the beginning of a new journey together. They can signify a milestone, show love, say sorry or thank you. They’re a universal language concocted from eggs, sugar, butter and flour and when crafted by a talented baker, a cake really can be a work of edible art.


On The Cake Stand


Why we're different

At On The Cake Stand we are all about celebrating local talent and shopping small. Here, no two cakes are the same. With endless possibilities for flavours, designs and decorations, you can pretty much have whatever cake your heart desires. There are thousands of independent bakers in the UK running small businesses, often single-handedly, and they are bringing joy to so many with their wonderful creations. What we love about baking, is the ability to be creative. There are no rules. You’ll notice as you browse the website that each baker has their own style, flair and unique way of doing things, and you simply won’t find that level of detail, care and personalisation from a large company.

On The Cake Stand

Behind the brand

When coming up with a concept for On The Cake Stand, it was really important that the brand colours and designs didn’t take away from the actual stars of the website – the cakes. With every baker having their own unique style, sometimes a preferred colour palette and often intricate designs, the focus really does need to be on the masterpieces themselves. We also wanted the website to feel fun, enticing and ‘delicious’ (if you can find a website delicious?!) hence our fruity colour palette which we hope make you think of sweet jams, soft buttercreams and sprinkles.


On The Cake Stand


Join us on this journey

The journey of On The Cake Stand has been an exciting, and at times slightly stressful, but highly rewarding project and I hope you love it as much as we do. If you’re looking for an amazing cake or bake for your special occasion, I hope that you stumble across a baker who soon becomes a firm favourite amongst your family for every celebration, and if you’re a baker I hope this makes life easier for you, connects you to loyal customers and helps your business to flourish. Search for a local baker today!


More from us soon…

The On The Cake Stand Team x